Jobs of the future

I decided to share with you one more of my English tasks. Here I should have watched a TED video about jobs in future and then write a little text about it expressing my own thoughts. I like what I got in the end so sharing it here as well.

The video is here:

And my text is here:

I couldn’t agree more with this video on TED. It states many important challenges for the future jobs.
We are not going to have a jobless future, but those jobs will definitely be more pleasant than nowadays jobs. That man said and I agree that in future we’ll need creativity, inventions and art rule the workplace. Any job that can be automatized will be automatized. And I like it.
The main point I can conclude from here is that it is never too late to start learning and even more – today you can’t afford not learning anymore. Lazy people will stay beyond for sure.
But in general I expect our future to be better than nowadays – people’s life will become more comfortable. We’ll have less routine tasks while amount of outstanding tasks will raise.
My job is not likely to be replaced by technology in future, because it is Data Scientist who drives the innovation now. I think, the most boring and monotonous part of it – like building a model to test the hypothesis – will and should be replaced. While the part of idea generating or decision making is hard to be replaced by robots. It involves a lot of gathered knowledge together with common sense currently available to human only.

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